Yuma County Economic Development Corporation

Our mission is to provide leadership and empower economic growth in Yuma County through job creation, business development, and enhanced county visibility.
Housing and Infrastructure
Promotion and Tourism
Business & Workforce Development and Retention

Igniting Yuma County’s Transformation

Turning Ideas into Opportunities

Founded on a dream to revitalize rural America beyond traditional production, Yuma County Economic Development Corporation (YCEDC) has been a guiding light since its inception. Our journey is one of unwavering commitment to Yuma County’s growth, embodying the spirit of innovation, creative community sustainability, and economic empowerment.

About Us

Yuma County Economic Development Corporation, YCEDC

YCEDC is a unified partnership of business, agriculture, industry, and government designed to strengthen the economic climate for the citizens of Yuma County.

  • We work to provide an atmosphere that encourages the retention and expansion of business in Yuma County.
  • We strive to be the lead organization in coordinating programs for the purpose of promoting and marketing Yuma County.
  • We aim to be the central point of contact in the County for providing a variety of economic research/data products.
  • We provide leadership in addressing economic infrastructure issues such as telecommunications, agriculture, housing, workforce, and entrepreneurial climate.

Voices of Yuma County

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Board of Directors

Tom Jackson


“The fertile land and supportive community of Yuma County have made it the perfect place to cultivate both crops and lifelong relationships.”

Mike Fecht

Vice President

“In Yuma County, I’ve found more than a home; a blessed land where opportunities and friendships grow as abundantly as the crops. I’m deeply honored to cultivate these cherished relationships that define the heart of our community.”

Phil Riggleman


“Yuma County is a great place to raise a family. From the great schools and top- notch hospitals to the farmers that are feeding the world; you would be hard pressed to find anywhere better to live!”

Dan Seedorf


“Yuma County embodies the essence of the ‘Land of Opportunity.’ Alongside our thriving agribusiness sector, numerous enterprises support our growing communities. I’m immensely proud to be part of these endeavors.”

Terri Frame

Yuma City Council Representative

“Yuma County embraces the true meaning of community. It is an amazing county to raise a family, work, and retire.”

Nicole Smith

Wray City Council Representative

“The eastern plains have brought my family many opportunities to work, live, and enjoy the simple things. The tremendous sense of community is overwhelming. I can’t think of a better place to raise my children.”

Mike Leerar

Yuma County Commissioner Representative

“Why do I live in Yuma County? Because of my wife… no wait, scratch that. For me it’s the culture. Hard working, rural, farming communities, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation. Neighbors taking care of neighbors. I know it’s a cliche, but to me, that’s Yuma County.”

Nathan Andrews

Idalia Representative
“As a 5th generation farmer/ rancher, Yuma County provides the type of business environment and lifestyle we need in order to give the 6th generation the opportunities we enjoy.”

Shelby Clark

Executive Director
“When I moved to Yuma County, I had a feeling that I have had with no other place: a sense of home. As a business owner, an Economic Developer, and a resident- I can say that there is no better place to be. Careful… if you visit, you’ll never want to leave!”

Investing in Yuma County Isn’t Just a Choice!

It’s a Strategic Advantage.

Tax Incentives

With unique tax credits and incentives that directly impact your profitability, Yuma County stands as a prime investment destination.

Opportunity Zone

Our coveted status as a Colorado Enterprise Zone opens the doors to additional tax credits for qualifying businesses, giving you a competitive edge in the financial landscape.

Thriving Business Ecosystem

Yuma County’s economic landscape thrives on innovation, collaboration, financing options, and opportunity. Our county offers a fertile ground for your enterprise to flourish.

Agricultural Excellence: Yuma County’s Bountiful Harvest

Yuma County is an agricultural powerhouse, ranking number 2 in Colorado for Ag production. With over $900 million in annual production, our fertile lands yield abundance.

Diverse Agriculture

Cattle, corn, wheat, hogs, and sunflowers make up the largest sectors of our Ag business. Additionally, our fields are home to crops like potatoes, grains such as millet and milo, dairy farms, bison herds, and even a camel dairy.

National Recognition

Yuma County consistently ranks in the top 100 agriculture-producing counties in the nation, proudly contributing to the state and local economy. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices and innovation has earned us a reputation for excellence in agriculture.

Yuma County Features

Seize the Opportunities in Yuma County, Colorado and Invest in Your Future.