Yuma County’s locally-owned financial institutions and regional revolving loan fund are committed to economic development. With guaranteed loans through the USDA and a directive for Certified Capital companies to invest in rural areas, Yuma County offers current and prospective businesses many sources for funding.

Our locally-owned finacial institutions are comprised of:

Savings & Loans
Credit Unions


320 South Main

Yuma, CO 80759

(970) 848-5445


501 East 9th Ave.

Yuma, CO 80759

(970) 848-2779


300 Main St. Wray, CO 80758

(970) 332-4844


222 S. Main St. Yuma, CO 80759

(970) 848-2341


2988 County Road M

Kirk, CO 80824

(970) 362-4211


145 W. 4th St.

Wray, CO 80758

(970) 848-4824


615 W. 8th Ave.

Yuma, CO 80759

(970) 848-3838


300 Clay St.

Wray, CO 80758

(970) 332-4111


401 Main St. Wray, CO 80758

(970) 332-9827

419 W. 8th Ave. Yuma, CO 80759

(970) 848-3823

Other finance programs available

Private Activity Bonds

      Colorado has established a program to provide industry with tax exempt private activity bonds to encourage private investment in creating and sustaining jobs, housing, and higher education. The program allocates bond issuance authority. Local governments sponsor bond issues but are not liable in the event of a default by the company.

Northeastern Colorado Revolving Loan Fund

      The Northeastern Colorado Revolving Loan Fund provides investment capital to new and expanding businesses to create new employment and expand the economic base of the region. These funds may be used in conjunction with conventional loan sources, not to exceed $250,000 or 35% of the total project needs with a term not to exceed ten years.

Contact Valerie Hibbert at


Colorado Lending Source

      Colorado Lending Source, a Certified Premier Lender, provides long-term, fixed asset loans through the SBA 504 Loan Program. Projects are typically structured with 50% from a lending institution, 40% from SBA and 10% equity from the business.

Colorado Housing & Finance Authority (CHFA)

      Colorado Housing & Finance Authority (CHFA) CHFA's Business Finance Division offers small business loan programs that provide financing for working capital, machinery, equipment, owner-occupied real estate, and in some cases, refinancing of existing debt. This web site provides details of CHFA's finance programs.